Make a note: i have arms

I have them, so what happens to them? Why do they sometimes stay so passive as if my blood doesn’t flow all the way to my fingers? There is a difference between a stretched and a loose arm. That’s pretty obvious and i think i know it, so why can’t i also integrate it in…Read more »

I have arms!

What an exciting discovery. Have you ever asked yourself how do you use your arms? What do you do with them? Do you pull yourself forward? Pull things to you? Do you stretch them? tense them? let them hang to the sides of your body? Are they making you heavier or do they carry you…Read more »

Can people change?

I don’t know why it came into my mind right now. I just recall some conversation a long time ago where the main topic was whether people can change or not. I remember someone (i think it was a woman or a girl) had a strong opinion about this, namely that people can not change.…Read more »


Time to bring back some life to my undernourished blog… I am here in Freiburg, and so is autumn. Even if the colors are not quite here yet and the leaves still think they can stay hanging on their trees forever, it’s here. Herbst in German, like harvest. And the generosity of nature is felt…Read more »


It’s hot in Eilat. Very hot. But Eilat has a natural built in cooling device called the Red Sea. As long as you have the Red Sea within a few meters distance and you can go in as often as you like, life in Eilat can be very pleasant. Important things in Eilat are: a…Read more »

Smell of cigarettes

Yesterday i finished reeding David Grossmans novel (i will have to return another time to write the title in English…) in hebrew it’s: שתהיי לי הסכין I was wondering if i was doing it right, i mean finishing a book. It feels like this event should be marked somehow. you cannot finish reading a book…Read more »

Rain in Bolzano

All the emails i send and get, and here and there a postcard, and the book i am reading, and the conversations i have with people, in this or that language or in no language. It all flows somewhere in my head, some drop of correspondence blends in with a conversation that flows down a…Read more »