What did i learn 2

This week… what did i learn this week… This week passed so fast. And the weekend even faster. I met my old friend frustration again this week. This week frustration was accompanied by another friend, i’m not sure what he’s called but he comes when i see that i can’t communicate with another person. Maybe…Read more »

Dangerous fumes

Dangerous, even poisonous fumes rise from the recently painted surface of the table i found on the street and gave it a makeover. I am breathing them in, feeling the smell and also a strange taste in my mouth. I am not sure that this is a piece of furtinure i want to have in…Read more »

Up up up

“Up up up” was where i wanted to go. I didn’t know why and didn’t know the way to get there but somehow it felt good to have some goal. It also felt good to have a goal that was different from those my two companions, which made us separate and split in three different…Read more »

Make a note: i have arms

I have them, so what happens to them? Why do they sometimes stay so passive as if my blood doesn’t flow all the way to my fingers? There is a difference between a stretched and a loose arm. That’s pretty obvious and i think i know it, so why can’t i also integrate it in…Read more »