Oktoberfest 2015

- Sind hier noch zwei Plätze frei? - Nein. - Entschuldigung, sind hier zufällig noch ein Paar Pl.. - Nein. Es kommt noch 10 Leute. - Sorry, sind hier noch... - Tut mir Leid. Nein. And so on and so on. A local Munich guy told me a few days ago that in the last... Continue Reading →

My first Bahncard

Life enhancing score from Valija Zinck: Choose two categories of people: tall people, short people, children, people in wheelchairs, people wearing pink, bearded men, women with short hair.... anything goes! Choose two kinds of people and then decide to say "I love you" to one kind of people, and "I love myself" to the other... Continue Reading →

What did i learn 14

Lentils ! I am crazy about lentils these days. I take them as a symbol for all my good qualities - they are simple, rich, they take a long time until they are ready, they have an acquired taste that is very satisfying once it's acquired, and they go well with rice. This week i... Continue Reading →

What did i learn 13

Here are two very different approaches: Through movement, through thinking about it and imagining it, try to soften your sternum and let it melt inwards. Your arms are long and alive and their power comes directly from the spine and goes through the sternum. Move and let your arms lead you into space. Do some... Continue Reading →

What did i learn 12

Maybe the reason why we build studios with wooden floors and dance in them is because we stopped walking. Not walking on asphalt or on some flat surface, this we still do. But walking on stones, on sand, climbing up a hill, crossing a stream, balancing on every step, grabbing the ground with the foot.... Continue Reading →

What did i learn 11

Something is happening with my writing lately. Or more accurately, not much is happening with my writing lately. Not on paper and not over the internet. Yesterday i thought for a moment that i had a new and deep insight about what it means to dance. But of course it wasn't so deep and maybe... Continue Reading →

What did i learn 10

Two movies in one day! Big Eden - mountains, americans, native americans, gay love story, superficial, not very engaging, embarrassingly bad ending. Eyes Wide Open - Orthodox jews, gay love story, despair, oppression, poverty, faith, fundementalism, slow, realistic, quite convincing. I think today i finally understood what it means to be gay. It means having... Continue Reading →

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