Saturday 7.3.2020 : Asana Practice and Contact Improvisation

Join this workshop ! We will practice Asana on the Yoga mat, we will leave the Yoga mat and go into movement, breathe more, sense, move towards Contact Improvisation. A beautiful journey awaits you ! Read more…. The Asana practice on the mat allows us to connect with our breath, movement and awareness. Within theContinue reading “Saturday 7.3.2020 : Asana Practice and Contact Improvisation”

Asana Practice and Contact Improvisation

Sunday 19.1.2020 10:00 – 13:00 at To see the workshop information directly on the LobeBlock website, click here. The Asana practice on the mat is a wonderful movement practice. It connects breath, movement, attention and thought, and because it is anchored on the Yoga mat, it also allows us to experience the body’s movementContinue reading “Asana Practice and Contact Improvisation”

Christmas time is handstand time !

I will be giving a yoga workshop focused on the theme of… handstand ! Known in Yoga as as downward facing tree, Adho Mukha Vrksasana. In a nutshell: How to perform a handstand, how to play with it, What could a handstand possibly mean, and how to train for it. 25.12.2018 at Yellow Yoga. FindContinue reading “Christmas time is handstand time !”