Saturday 7.3.2020 : Asana Practice and Contact Improvisation

Join this workshop ! We will practice Asana on the Yoga mat, we will leave the Yoga mat and go into movement, breathe more, sense, move towards Contact Improvisation. A beautiful journey awaits you ! Read more….

The Asana practice on the mat allows us to connect with our breath, movement and awareness. Within the clear boundaries of the Yoga mat, we experience the body’s movement possibilities with clarity. Contact Improvisation on the other hand…. is in comparison anarchistic. It is really only “limited” or framed by our innate and organic connection to Gravity and to Earth.

If the Asana practice teaches us actions, directions and positions, Contact Improvisation can teach us the lightness found within gravity.

In this workshop we will practice Asana on the Yoga mat, and we will enter the organic moving universe of Contact Improvisation. Both practices will be given the space and time they need and deserve, and the deeper connections and interactions between the two will be gently revealed. Join this beautiful journey and learn to experience yourself in movement, in gravity and in clarity, at once.

Where? Yoga at Lobe Block, Gesundbrunnen, Berlin.
When? Saturday 7.3.2020 starting at 14:00, going on until 16:30. To make it possible to start on time, please arrive 15 minutes before.
How to join? First, please write to me and let me know you are coming ! Places are limited….
Cost: 25 Euros, or 17 Euros + check in via Urban Sports Club. Write me a short message, then either pay to secure your place, or drop in.

This workshop will repeat itself, every time diving into a different theme. The next planned date is: 4.4.2020. Same time.

Published by Michael Shapira

Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

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