What did i learn 12

Maybe the reason why we build studios with wooden floors and dance in them is because we stopped walking. Not walking on asphalt or on some flat surface, this we still do. But walking on stones, on sand, climbing up a hill, crossing a stream, balancing on every step, grabbing the ground with the foot. There is so much dance in this. I realised this when i was walking with a friend up the Massada mountain near the Dead Sea. So now i’m very interested in walking.

Published by Michael Shapira

Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

2 thoughts on “What did i learn 12

    1. Yes, i think a lot of things are lost but also a lot can be recovered. I read your post, you also write about feeling interested in what you are presenting for a public, and showing this interest, selling it. This is also a big theme which i can relate to. I think it’s a lot like going on stage, wheather you know what you will do there or wheather you improvise.

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