What did i learn 11

Something is happening with my writing lately. Or more accurately, not much is happening with my writing lately. Not on paper and not over the internet.

Yesterday i thought for a moment that i had a new and deep insight about what it means to dance. But of course it wasn’t so deep and maybe it’s not even new. But anyway, i was just thinking of myself, my body, so much like millions of other bodies, all constructed after the same blueprint. And thinking of this body moving in a space defined by four walls, some windows, a ceiling and a wooden floor. It suddenly became clear to me that dancing is just taking this ability/action/phenomenon of moving and making art from it. You can also move on concrete, on sand, out in the sun, rain, dark, under water or in a cave. The choice of moving in a certain space with a certain type of floor is exactly like the choice of a painter to paint on a canvas and use a certain type of color.

And then the dancer can think of space, timing, expression, inner images, physical qualities and so on…. and the painter can think of perspective, light and shadow, composition, atmosphere, emotions and so on…

And also, today i was watching a rehearsal of the final pieces of AK08 of TIP, Bewegungs-art Freiburg. I was very happy to observe that i was watching with my feelings, noticing what kind of presence the dancers had, feeling sometimes an urge to tell one of them “Get up now and do something!” and also enjoying some things. I also feel less an urge to laugh while i watch, which i think is a very good sign.

That’s it for now (but i’m also very happy that germany won the eurovision song contest – it was really the best song!)

Published by Michael Shapira

Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

One thought on “What did i learn 11

  1. Interesting to read from the inside of a dancer, something that I recognize from my perspective as a painter! Why did you feel an urge to laugh before?

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