What did i learn 5

Vacation week. No dance classes every morning from 9:30. No everyday physical practice of moving together with other people. No lunch every day with the other classmates. Today i thought “Oh, it’s time to write what i learnt this week” and then emmediately “Ah! This week i had vacation, so i don’t need to write anything” and right after that – “But why not? Don’t i learn anything when i am on vacation?”

So what did i learn this week? And did it have anything to do with dance? As usual, my first answer is “i don’t know what i have learnt” and it takes quite some time to get out of this dead end of thought. Maybe this: this week i deffinitely felt how important it is to take some time with individual people from the class and just have some time with this one person. I was sitting in a car together with Claudia for two and a half hours and even though my sit bones were really aching towards the end of the ride, i was very much appreciating this opportunity to talk with Claudia and have the time to let the conversation flow to wherever it wants. No one else to take into consideration or to listen to. I will try to do it with others in my class.

Oh and i have actually learnt a lot about joomla this week. This is a bit more technical, but who says technical is bad? So now i know how to backup a joomla website and how to move it from one place to another. I also know a bit about managing users in joomla. All of this is making me think that maybe i should continue with this occupation for a while even though the thought keeps comming back to my mind that at some point i will have to decide where my focus is. Well, in the meentime no one is offering me money for my dancing so i guess i still don’t have a real dillema.

Vineyard at Esslingen, Germany

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Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

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