Dangerous fumes

Dangerous, even poisonous fumes rise from the recently painted surface of the table i found on the street and gave it a makeover. I am breathing them in, feeling the smell and also a strange taste in my mouth. I am not sure that this is a piece of furtinure i want to have in my room, next to my bed, but the sensation of the small white invisible particles entering my respiratory system keeps my mind off another disturbing problem, the gathering of liquid under my knee, or to be exact over the anterior (=front) proximal (=upper) end of my right tibia (shin bone).

This problem, which today i learnt is also called Bursitis, has been bothering me a lot since it appeared a few days ago. Or actually what has been bothering me is not knowing how to act and what to do to not make the problem worse. Probably many people out there have had similar problems in the knee or any other joint. In my case there is no inflamation, only a gathering of liquids in the bursae that pads the tendon below the knee. I also don’t have any pain. And for the past two days i have been treating it as the doctor told me (!), putting quaark (a kind of white cheese) wrapped in a towel over the area. And now a new week of dancing is about to start, with two teachers that i would very much like to learn from. So… should i start moving carefully? Not move at all for another few days? In that case, how many days?

I think what i have learned so far from this injury is that there is no point in time when you can think “now it’s gone. i can start training again.” I think every injury can teach you something about how you should and shouldn’t use your body. And i think i didn’t have this sense of responsibility when i started training again last monday, which was when the swelling appeared. I think i neglected that responsibility and assumed that the rest i had had until then was enough. Now i know more about what i shouldn’t do and i understand what a huge responsibility it is, to always have at least one or two brain cells that in every moment feel the knee, its position, tonus, direction, movement, the pressure on it…

Published by Michael Shapira

Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

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