Excercise in improvisation

This post is going to be completely improvised. I don’t have anything special to write about but i feel that it has been too long since i put some text in my blogg and i don’t want people to think that i have forgotten about this little place for my thoughts and impressions for everybody to see.

I had this thought today (or was it yesteday?) and it was about what does it mean for me to dedicate a period of time (a week, three weeks, three months…) for dancing. For me it is a previlige to be able to do that and it is allowing myself to dive into myself. This emmediately raises many questions in my head, like why do i feel that diving into myself has to be done through some physical practice? Does it really have to be that way? And where is the balance in doing that? How deep do i let myself dive and for how long? Do i have to give something back to the world after having given such an opportunity? And what should that be? Is it an appologie? An “Excuse me..”? Or can i just trust that it will happen organically, by itself? Or can it really be ok to take the opportunity and dive into myself for my very own exploration and never give anything back?

And then there are many other questions… I wonder for example if dance is a sustainable activity? It is a very physically demanding activity that doesn’t really produce anything concretely usefull (like food for instance). We dance until we are exhausted and then we have to eat, rest and recover. Is there something missing here?

Published by Michael Shapira

Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

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