Flu Market

Two weeks have now passed since the beginning of the Basis-Projekt at Bewegungs-art in Freiburg, Germany. I have spent most of this week being sick, and then slowly getting better. Now i feel fine, except for a stubborn caugh that refuses to give in.

I was not the only sick person, in fact in the last two days we haven’t even had a teacher, due to illness. Someone today during lunch break got confused and said they had been to the flu market. Freudean slip?

I wish i could spiral like my thoughts do. Last week i felt relief and a feeling of certainty that i don’t need to explore dance further, after this current exploration. This week i found myself having fun with the thought of continuing to immerse myself in dance as a creative work/lifestyle/practice. By now i have already changed position again, this time influenced by my reeding in The Source Book (CQ article collection 1975-1990). Too long to explain here, but putting Contact Improvisation in the context of different dance traditions in history makes you wonder which traditions you want to follow or learn from and which ones you want to drop completely.

Tomorrow there is a queer oriental theme party at E WERK here in Freiburg. I wonder if i can come as myself, since i actually come from Israel. Is Israel a part of the Orient?

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Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

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