What did i learn 14

Lentils ! I am crazy about lentils these days. I take them as a symbol for all my good qualities – they are simple, rich, they take a long time until they are ready, they have an acquired taste that is very satisfying once it’s acquired, and they go well with rice.

This week i was thinking of something i heard from our teacher, as we were first walking and later running towards a wall with our eyes closed, reaching with our hands to catch ourselves when the wall was coming. She told us to notice this little moment of being nervous, affraid, just before hitting the wall. This feeling that arises because you know the wall is coming, is actually a kind of energy. It’s something stirring up inside of you. Maybe most people have the reaction of becoming stiff or shrinking or slowing down when they feel this but you can also use this feeling and bring it out in stead. Extend even more, speed up, direct this tension out instead of in.

Published by Michael Shapira

Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

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