What did i learn 2

This week… what did i learn this week…

This week passed so fast. And the weekend even faster. I met my old friend frustration again this week. This week frustration was accompanied by another friend, i’m not sure what he’s called but he comes when i see that i can’t communicate with another person. Maybe anger is his name? Anyway, the combination of the two was just too much and i think this was the first time since the education started that i just let these friends, anger and frustration, throw me out of balnce and out of control. Nothing dramatic happened, i just had to stop. But after a few minutes break i was able to go on with another partner who didn’t make me feel like communication was not an option.

I guess i learned some Capoeira steps (actually i think they are really useful when dancing contact), i learned a new movement sequence from Lilo which helps to start sending out energy through the extremities, i also had some interesting input in other forms – an open stage evening at the school, interesting conversations about performances, dance, teaching… and a very smoky evening at the “Rang Tang Tang” bar in Freiburg.

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Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

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