No doubt?

March 17 was the last time I added a new post, and now it’s been almost two months. I guess i haven’t done a very good job in keeping this blog alive and pulsating. The last post contained two pictures from the family trip to Rome and very little text. This makes me wonder how i feel about writing or expressing myself verbally or maybe in general. It’s as if i feel that i have to reach some state of stillness and clarity before i can sit down and write something that i will share with other people. Ohh… bad habit if you ever want to be considered interesting! Why not show what goes through my mind during those long periods of in-the-middle-of-something-that-i-don’t-know-the-end-of?

One thing that came to an end just a week ago was the Basis Projekt at Bewegungs-art. The other day i thought to myself that it would be great if all educations no matter what their content is, had this kind of see-if-you-like-it orientation/introduction course. It’s the closest thing to actually doing the education and so it’s probably the best way to see if you really want to do it. Idecisive people like me may still have trouble making a decision even after this orientation but i’m sure it can help even the worst doubters. As for myself, i am pretty sure now that i want to go on.

Maybe my difficulty to make a statement or somehow express myself when i feel like i am in the middle of something and my difficulty in making decisions are different sides of the same thing?

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Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

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