26 hours ago

 I think that 15 minutes ago i had a lot more enthusiasm and motivation to just let my creativity take over and compose a long, well written and witty post to publish in my blogg. Now my motivation is considerably lower, after having tried BTOpenzone, tmobile, The Cloud and Boingo Hotspot, non of which seem to work, at least not from where i am sitting at London Heathrow Airport. My trust in technology has been seriously damaged since I entered the anglo-Saxon world. Do things only work in Sweden?

Anyway, I recall having plenty of happy thoughts about my poppy seed muffin, about the future (both mine and mankind’s) and other things of various importance. I think it’s the coffee, it gives me rushes (or as my fellow Americans would say – buzzes) of optimism paired with the most unlikely contexts and surroundings. Speaking of coffee, it now feels like Starbucks has come to play an important role in my visit to the US, now coming to its end. So what’s our stand on Starbucks? (we Europians, we contact improvisers, you choose where you belong…) – do we hate it? Love it? Are we indifferent to it? Come on, I need to know…

Whatever, make your own stand! I can already hear you say.

So I did manage to write some words after all, for the sake of integrity I will say that these words are being typed offline using OpenOffice, and it’s Wednesday morning at Heathrow Airport.

One more flight to go!

Published by Michael Shapira

Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

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