So this will be the first post submitted and published using the wireless internet connection at Earthdance! Woohoo ! I am so happy to be here. This morning i was feeling almost nostalgic, remembering how things and places looked the last time i was here, in the summer. Now i feel safe, well placed and quite organized mentally and very tired. I also feel that today i have had a bit more social contact than what i actually can handle but i think i will try to have more time for myself tomorrow to balance it.

I (and the rest of the group) am now one day into Nancy’s workshop. There is a lot of new stuff to process and reflect on. Pods, states and scores. I am trying to write things down, and doing quite a good job so far. Nancy is super clear which makes it much easier to gather the thoughts and ideas and put them on paper. My feelings regarding the workshop (so far… only one day) are just completely positive.

Time for bed now.

Good night.

Published by Michael Shapira

Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

2 thoughts on “Earth

  1. Nu har jag koll på dig och dina whereabouts! Det låter väldigt spännande och bra, tycker jag. Keep us posted, ska försöka följa dig i din blogg, lite grand. Kram och lycka till!

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