After the festival

The Israeli Contact Festival is still going on but for my part it is over for now. The four days I spent in Misgav where the Greenhouse took place were very intensive. I feel that it’s easy to lose direction and also lose a lot of energy without really knowing where it went in such big events. We were 200 people and very lovely people too. There were a lot of beautiful moments during these days and also, as always, a feeling of sadness that suddenly appears for no reason. Suddenly you feel lonely, left out or just sad and don’t really know if you want to share it or dive into the feeling. Then after a while, an hour or two or sometimes a bit longer, the feeling is over.

I was fighting a stubborn cold during the whole time and the Sauna, swimming pool and Jacuzzi really helped in that. The rooms where we slept were very cold so now I really appreciate being able to sleep in a warm place.

Published by Michael Shapira

Moving, practicing Yoga, dancing, daydreaming.

2 thoughts on “After the festival

  1. I am happy to see that you went to the event. I did not know that there are so many people who are interested in the contact thing. The feeling you describe comes and goes at least for me. Isn’t part of our human being?


    1. Yes, i think a lot of the things i feel are just a part of being a human being.
      Happy new year darling and wish you wellness !

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