Christmas time is handstand time !

I will be giving a yoga workshop focused on the theme of… handstand ! Known in Yoga as as downward facing tree, Adho Mukha Vrksasana. In a nutshell: How to perform a handstand, how to play with it, What could a handstand possibly mean, and how to train for it. 25.12.2018 at Yellow Yoga. FindContinue reading “Christmas time is handstand time !”

What did i learn 10

Two movies in one day! Big Eden – mountains, americans, native americans, gay love story, superficial, not very engaging, embarrassingly bad ending. Eyes Wide Open – Orthodox jews, gay love story, despair, oppression, poverty, faith, fundementalism, slow, realistic, quite convincing. I think today i finally understood what it means to be gay. It means havingContinue reading “What did i learn 10”