Yoga Videos

Here are some videos for you to get inspired from, or practice to. Enjoy !

Continue and deepen your back-bend journey here ! We go into a full URDHVA DANURASANA paying attention to technique and sensation.

Begin your back-bend journey here ! Or, as a seasoned Yogi/ni, come back to the basics. Urdhva Danurasana, or the Wheel, or Upward Facing Bow.

Practice Bakasana in its full expression. A powerful arm balance that will challenge you and strengthen your arms, shoulders and core.

More core, more arms and shoulders, more balancing, more Bakasana.

Begin your Bakasana journey here ! Or, as a seasoned Yogi/ni, come back to the basics.

Stiff lower back ? Difficulty going into a forward bend ? Or even sitting cross legged on the floor ? You’ve tried stretching but it doesn’t seem to help…? Well…. i invite you for a little inner-vocabulary experiment: Try replacing the word STRETCH with the word RELEASE. And then go ahead and try this video !
** Even though it says HAPPY HIPS FOR MANLY MEN it is also for womanly women, manly women, womenly men and humanly humans. Enjoy !

This practice is meant to help you maintain and in the long run hopefully even improve the mobility of your shoulder and arm, as well as to strengthen the shoulders. Enjoy !

This Yoga Practice is for those of you who want to get back into, or get started with a daily movement practice. That means you are making your first steps and you want them to be nice and soft and not too big.

It’s morning ! The birds are chirping, the joints are cracking and the eyelids are heavy…..

well in my experience the true magical healing potential of Yoga really shines when you do your Yoga practice first thing in the morning. Have a great day !

The best image i know of why we do twists in Yoga is the image of a wet towel that you wring and squeeze so that the water pours out of it. When we twist we apply pressure on the organs, and when we untwist we release them from that pressure. So the fluid and nutrient exchange that takes place anyway is enhance, boosted by the physical twisting. ** because of this reason exactly, this is considered not suitable for pregnant women. **

Here is a Yoga practice for those of you who like to dive rather quickly into an active practice first thing in the morning.

10 minutes of low level heroic home workout ! Let’s see if you’re brave enough to go so low…

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