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Michael Shapira, Aspiring UX Designer. Scroll down for a short CV.

From Interaction Design to Dance, to Yoga, and back to…. User Experience Design.

My interest in other human beings, in languages and in communication led me to study Interaction Design at Stockholm University. Graduating in 2007, I began working as a Web Developer. However I soon decided to change course and became very passionate about Dance, Movement and the body’s possibilities of expression. I also started to practice and study Yoga. You can learn more about the Yoga and Dance part of my journey here.

Fast Forward to 2020. The COVID 19 pandemic forces all of us to do a whole lot of thinking… In the spring of 2021 i began taking online courses at the Interaction Design Foundation and later that year completed the UX Fundamentals Boot-camp.

So what am I ?

I am interested in people. I enjoy discovering different perspectives that people have. Or more precisely, i enjoy discovering the differences between the perspectives that people have.

When things go wrong, and communication seems to fall into counter-productive patterns, I find it fascinating to try and understand what went wrong, and why.

Wherever communication falls into counter- productive patterns, there is work to do.

Having experienced very different professional contexts, I also believe that I have a perspective that is valuable and interesting. In a way, both the work of a Yoga Teacher and the work of a Performer are related to UX in the sense that they are concerned with creating an experience for an interested audience. The main difference is that the experience is far more crafted than designed.

I hope to be able to translate into action the experience and knowledge that I have, and to contribute in a meaningful way.

Work Experience

Yoga Teacher at Yellow Yoga
(2017 – …)

Performer, Co-creator at Nico and the Navigators
(2016 – 2021)

Junior Web Developer at Tieto Enator
(2008 – 2009)

UX Fundamentals Bootcamp at Interaction Design Foundation
September 2021 – November 2021

Self Paced Studies at Interaction Design Foundation
May 2021 – …
– Become a UX Designer from scratch
– User Experience – the beginner’s guide

B.Sc. in Computer Science, Interaction Design at Stockholm University, Stockholm SE
2004 – 2007

500h Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Sky, Berlin DE
2016 – 2019

Dance, Improvisation, Performance Education at TIP-Bewegungs-art, Freiburg, DE
2009 – 2011

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