So excited to finally make this happen… with you !

“Asana practice and Contact Improvisation” is a workshop series that will take place at Lobe Block. Here is what i have to say about it:

The Asana practice on the mat is a wonderful movement practice. It connects breath, movement, attention and thought, and because it is anchored on the Yoga mat, it also allows us to experience the body’s movement possibilities with clarity.

Contact Improvisation on the other hand…. is in comparison anarchistic. It intentionally aims to break loose from all anchors but one: our innate and natural connection to gravity and to the earth. If the Asana practice translates movement to the language of the brain, Contact Improvisation tries to speak only Body.

Which is exactly why it is so exciting to practice both side by side !

In this workshop we do exactly that. We practice Asana on the Yoga mat, and we enter the organic moving universe of Contact Improvisation. Both practices are given the space and time they need and deserve, and the deeper connections and interactions between the two are gently revealed. Join this beautiful journey and learn to experience yourself in movement and in clarity, at once.

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